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Food Drive
Kris Riggins insists that ORCAs who donate to the Food Bank earn good karma and PBs. Thanks to the earlybirds who have already brought bags full of non-perishables. If you bring cans and non-perishable items to an ORCA activity in the next 2 weeks, would someone who is planning to come to a Saturday group run or Sunday trail run please keep them and give them to Barb Low? You can email me if you want me to pick them up ( We'll donate them to the Food Bank after our Dec. 12th Christmas party.
Christmas is Coming--Are You Ready to Party, ORCA Style?
Check the EVENTS page for details re: the Christmas Party on December 12th. Don't miss the fun and the surprises in store during the Secret Santa gift exchange--now creatively streamlined but likely to spark playful competition in keeping with the holiday spirit. Remember...what happens at the Christmas party stays at the Christmas party...and "pot luck" has nothing to do with special brownies...but plan to be there anyway!
Amazing Sunday Morning Trial Runs
Be sure to check out details for Sunday morning trail runs, recently revived by Trailblazers like Kris Riggins, Lori Allin, Patti Rogers, Mike Bourcier, Alli Roberts, Linda Matthews, Donna DeBellefeuille, Catherine Trembath, and other ORCA members who ran too fast for me to see their name tags. Teresa was spotted on a side trail with two gorgeous young runners--hope we see you again at future Sunday trail runs! Special welcome to ultra trailblazer, Caitlin Moilliet, and a shout out to Laurie Kalf.
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Be Sure to Update Your Profile!
On the left side of the home page near the top, click on "My profile" to update your info, especially your current email address.
Teaming Up With the RDN Learn to Run Program
Check the RUNS page to learn more. Spread the word to friends and family who are interested in the RDN (Jan-March 2016) program and our ORCA (March 11th) Learn to Run program that will culminate in the Oceanside 10K (or any portion of the route). Details TBA.
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